10 Online College Courses You Never Knew Existed

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10 Online College Courses You Never Knew Existed

The phrase “online college courses” instantly brings to mind heaps of photocopied or printed reading material, weekly submission of written assignments and a handful of not-so-interesting subjects that are offered for study. However in the recent times the online college education has undergone a tremendous restructuring. The online colleges now have on their platter certain unique and innovative courses that were previously unheard of. One would no more need to compulsively and half heartedly pursue an online course either in business management or accounting or fine arts. The myriad of online courses they feature vary from Culinary Art Studies, Herbal Studies, and Dialysis technician to Criminal justice, Hypnotherapy, Cosmetology, Film and Video.

With the introduction of such diverse fields of study, online college education no longer restricts itself to being the medium which initially helped earning a degree from home. Besides infusing interest into the students, online college has also been designed catering to the existing job market. Anybody pursuing a career in the aforementioned fields is sure to earn a reliable pay check after getting a degree from an online college.

These online courses prove to be most useful to individuals who nurture a desire to go back to school and pursue further studies. Many of the courses tend to be ‘career-focused’ compared to others and enables students to obtain specialized job skills. This newly attained technical acumen provides them an extra edge and flourish in their careers. Many of the housewives and those who had to discontinue education due to some unforeseen circumstances are in a better position to begin a profession or even a business after having trained in either of the professional courses that are offered online. The online schools may also be a way out for all those people who feel they’ve vegetated in their present occupations. After having done one of the online college courses they can easily contemplate switching jobs or upgrading in their current jog by taking an online course.

Some of the online colleges courses worth pursuing are enlisted below. With such rare courses forming an intrinsic section of online education, employment prospects have raised greatly.

* Certificate in Disaster Management- The disaster management program on offer by Benedictine University gears up students to actively take part in the preparation, mitigation, response, relief and recovery of the numerous sorts of disaster. This can be both a rewarding and exciting career option all at once.

*Associate’s Degree in Homeland Security- This degree by Everest University includes everything beginning with terrorism, security measures, to tactical communications and criminal justice within its purview. These being the pressing socio-political concerns in the modern world, one cannot land a better and more thrilling career.

*Bachelor’s Degree in Fire and Emergency Management- The adventurous desire of growing up to be a firefighter can achieve a reality by enrolling under this program by Kaplan University. It equips individuals to be composed while responding to terrorist attacks and fire disasters.

*Master of Divinity/ Chaplaincy- Does the arena of the spiritual appeal to you? The solution lies in following a course taught by Liberty University. It educates students to dedicate themselves to the service of mankind. They’re instructed in military chaplaincy, ministry skills plus the various theological issues.

*Master’s Degree of Arts in Diplomacy- This program is aimed at improving communication skills in people. Norwich University Online trains men in the political and business community to speak with art and diplomacy on the international scene. This art of tactical communication once mastered can help overcome the majority of the pre-existing international issues.

Online schools and courses having become popular yet broad based, it is extremely essential to pick the proper course that is going to resulted in a redeeming career. While trying to decide on the multifarious possibilities, students also have to consider industry changes, niche areas, core job sectors and specialized skills. Technological improvements and medical advancements are taking place with every new day and professionals in these fields are able to keep themselves updated through these online college courses. All encompassing knowledge and honed skills besides ensuring promotion would also ascertain a technical expert’s job security.

Before enrolling, students also need to take into account the course time frames. Some accelerated online school courses finish in just a couple of weeks while some online school courses are slow paced enabling students to pursue it along with their taxing careers. However it is best if students consult the enrollment advisers before getting themselves enrolled into online courses. They will assist you to explore your various education options and recommend institutions that would match your career goals.

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